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® Enformers Bracelet

Instantly Show Your Relationship Status!

Meet In-Person Instead of Online Dating
Nighttime illumination!

Enformers Bracelets
Instantly Show Your Relationship Status!
**In-Person Social Networking**

FREE Customizing Option

  • The bracelets can be customized to include a single name, up to Eight(8) Letter Characters, at no additional charge!
  • Enformers bracelets are designed to meet the social needs of all ages with a simple color palette of Red or Green.
  • The Enformers Red bracelet allows those in social surroundings to stop and recognize that you're not seeking a relationship.
  • Enformers Green bracelets let others know that you're okay with a respectful introduction.
  • Nicknames are not recommended, as they provoke a very personal level of relationship.
  • Vulger or offensive names will not be produced.
  • In the event of refusal to provide a customized name placement, the associated fee will be refunded.
  • The utmost care is taken to preserve the integrity of this very special product.
  • Keep It Simple, Keep It Clean!
  • Enformers bracelets are not only a product, but an International Social Movement.
  • This unique and powerful product allows other community members to avoid awkward social situations.
  • Provide only a proper name for customization, and let Enformers bracelets help with that special introduction opportunity.

In-Person Social Networking

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