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® Enformers Bracelet

Instantly Show Your Relationship Status!

Meet In-Person Instead of Online Dating

FREE Customizing Option

The bracelets can be customized to include a single name, up to Eight(8) Letter Characters, at no additional charge!

Nicknames are not recommended, as they provoke a personal level of relationship.

Vulger or offensive names will not be produced.

In the event of refusal to provide a customized name placement, an acceptable name placement will be offered.
The utmost care is taken to preserve the integrity of this very special product.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Clean!

Enformers bracelets are not only a product, but an International Social Movement.
This unique and powerful product allows other community members to avoid awkward social situations.

Provide only a proper name for customization, and let Enformers bracelets help with that special introduction opportunity.

In-Person Social Networking

Social Networking At It's Personal Best!

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