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Enformers Bracelets

Instantly Show Your Relationship Status!

Meet In-Person Instead of Online Dating

Excellent In-Person Social Networking Tool

Enformers bracelets show your relationship status without you having to say a single word!

Each and every Enformers bracelet is custom made to include many distinct features. One of the most impressive features is the unique branding which provides an immediate ice-breaker, making it easy for other Enformers bracelet community members to recognize that you're wearing this special social networking bracelet. With a simple color palette of Red and Green, social anxiety can be minimized greatly by simply knowing someones relationship status by the color of their bracelet. The Enformers Red bracelet allows those in your social surroundings to immediately realize that you're in a relationship or simply not seeking a relationship, while the Enformers Green bracelet lets others know that you may be interested in a respectful introduction.

Enformers bracelets are made of durable and incredibly comfortable material and designed to be perfectly unisex. Customization is available at an additional cost, for those who wish to have a name hand forged onto their bracelet. All Enformers bracelets are hand numbered to preserve and protect the distinction and integrity of this unique product. The leather-like material is smooth and water stain resistant, making the bracelet wearable at all times.

So Many People, So Many Places

Enformers bracelets are not only a product, but a social movement. You'll find yourself looking around for other Enformers community members that have already become part of this movement. This is a genuinely powerful product. Who could have ever imagined that someone could share their relationship status so easily. WE DID! We take great pride in this exclusive product to help all people socially interact; regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race, or religion.

The ability to express your relationship status for the world to see. We wish all of our Enformers bracelet community members a great deal of positive social networking and many happy memories, whether you purchased a Red couples bracelet or a Green single relationship status bracelet.

Help Us to Help You Be More Socially Active!

Enformers Bracelets are created with a unique branding and design which is registered Worldwide to protect the product from conterfeit replicas. Enformers exceptional and exclusive products are sold EXCLUSIVELY via Enformer.com. By limiting product availability EXCLUSIVELY through Enformer.com, customers will know that they will receive a Genuine Enformer product from our company, which has been custom created in the awe-inspiring Appalacian Mountains. Let this be the end of the need for online dating!

Social Interaction At It's Best
Enjoy Your Summer!

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